Lucie Bowers, It’s Wine O’clock meet up

February, 5th 2017

Fanny and Calvin’s salsa nights are a nice way to spend your Wednesday night to learn beginning salsa in a group setting. They are professional dancers who are also great teachers who know how to break down the steps to adjust to the group’s levels. What my friends enjoy is that they do not need to bring a partner to the class, and the basic salsa steps are easy to learn. We also love the flexibility of being able to come on any Wednesday. It’s a great concept to get people from different dance levels, and different backgrounds together to learn! Thank you Fanny and Calvin!

Buesso, St. Catherines CA


Calvin/Fanny analytical and conceptual abilities are superb and they use those skills in combination with their mastery of salsa extensive knowledge of rhythm and music, and passion for teaching to create a perfect learning environment for the students of all levels…

They are very patient with beginners and communicates in a way that makes the students feel comfortable…

Calvin/Fanny teaching style is clear and precise, they illustrate each move and step, and then shows you how to put them together and are very fun and engaging. Beginners as well as people with other dance backgrounds pick
up Salsa right away. Calvin & Fanny have done wonders for my technique and my enjoyment with dancing Salsa and Bachata, they have greatly improved my timing, my footwork, my balance and posture, and showed me some of the finer details.

Andrea Drumm President, Western New York USA Dance 


“Baila Salsa Dance Company offers vibrant, versatile and enjoyable latin dance instruction.  They are a magnet for friendly and enthusiastic dancers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and their following is welcoming and helpful to new dancers.”

Sarah Hernández, Miss Borinquen of WNY 2012 


As a competitor in the 2012 Miss Borinquen Leadership Development Program I had the honor of working with Baila Salsa Dance Company. As a contestant we were required to perform a group dance routine. Not having much dance experience before I was a little nervous. However, my nerves quickly left when I met the very talented Fanny and Calvin. It was an incredible experience to work with two very gifted individuals. They made the practices fun and enjoyable. I looked forward to working with them at our sessions. Furthermore, despite the fact that I wasn’t the greatest dancer I was able to learn the dance in a way that was easy to understand. Not only were we able to be taught by two talented dancers but we were taught by two kind and caring individuals. Both Fanny and Calvin have amazing personalities that are further brought to life through their passion of dance. In my years since wining I have been a member of the pageant committee. I continue to see the amazing work this pair does with more contestants every year. Working with this company was one of the highlights of my experience in the Miss Borinquen Program.

Angelo Buscaglia

January 28th, 2016

I have been taking lessons with Calvin and Fanny for just over 2 years now. Not only are they wonderful people but a pleasure to be around and to watch them dance. Watching them dance and perform is really a pleasure that will drive you to continually wanting to improve your skill level. Classes are always fun and challenging ,their teaching style is effective. I highly recommend Baila Salsa Dance Co. for everyone from beginner to more advanced that has a passion or desire to learn Latin dance . Take the first lesson its becomes contagious.

Jeff Preval

January 22nd, 2016

If you’re wondering about whether to work with Calvin and Fanny or take a class with them, wonder no more, they are the most talented, knowledgeable, passionate dancers in WNY. Their attention to detail and passion for Latin dancing set them apart. I began taking classes with Calvin and Fanny in 2012 and have loved every minute of their teaching and instruction. You will learn so much from them and will have a great experience as well.

Melanie Aceto, Dance Professor

January 2016

As a professional modern dancer, I was thrilled to find such clear and inspiring Latin dance instruction in Calvin and Fanny. I have attended their pre-social open group classes, their weekend ongoing classes and have studied privately with them. Not only are Calvin and Fanny incredible dancers and inspiring to watch, but they are superb teachers in every way. They teach with a clarity of physicality and timing not always present in other classes. They are skilled at teaching all ability levels, from the very beginner to the advanced dancer; able to adjust their instruction to the needs of each individual. Having been in the community for almost 4 years now, I can see the incredible effect Calvin and Fanny’s teaching has had on countless students of theirs of all ages. You could not design a stronger pair to learn to dance from than Calvin, musician and educator, and Fanny, native salsera!

Thalia DeJesus -13 years old

January 27th 2016

No better way to say it… I thought I could NEVER dance salsa however once Fanny & Calvin get a hold of you please you can dance like a pro!! You guys both made me feel like a super star that belonged on dancing with the stars. I will never forget how you both came out a cheered me on at the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade on youth day, or when you asked me to dance at Salvatore Italian Garden in front of lots of people!! Thank you Calvin & Fanny.

Aida Lozada

January, 27th 2016

I just wanted to say what a great experience I had with both of you fantastic dancers. I went from seeing  you dance on stage to taking my daughter to you guys for private lessons for her pageant portion of talent, Not to mention the great comments the judges would put on her score sheets!!! You guys are fun, firm, & on point with your step by step routines!!  We look forward to working with you for some more Latin moves!!! Love Always Aida( Thalia DeJesus mom)

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